How To Clean & Maintain Your Woven Wood Shades

What makes woven wood shades so wonderful is the very thing that makes them hard to clean; the weave. Unlike solid fabric shades, shutters, or blinds, the woven construction of the material can trap dirt and dust within the weave, making it seemingly impossible to more

Signs That You Should Replace Your Window Screens

Window screens help let fresh air indoors, keep bugs and pests outdoors, and lower cooling costs. If screens are damaged by weather, pets and children, or general aging, a window screen repair from a Massachusetts shutter company is more

Importance of Window Coverings

You might go weeks and even months without really thinking about your window coverings, outside of the odd cleaning here and there. But your window coverings are certainly worth a little more consideration than that -- as well as a little more thanks. read more

5 Ways Plantation Shutters Can Improve Your Boston Home

If you are looking to replace outdated window treatments with something fresh, you may want to consider installing interior shutters in your Boston home. Plantation shutters, otherwise known as indoor or interior shutters, are installed on the windows inside of your home in place of blinds or shades. read more

Making Smart Decisions About Window Treatments for Your Boston Home

One of the first things that you should be aware of is that window treatments should not be considered optional nor should you simply settle for something because you are unfamiliar with this aspect of your home décor. read more

A Guide to Drapery Basics for Boston Homeowners

Curtains, drapes, and top treatments are a fantastically rewarding way to transform your living spaces. Best of all, the project can be accomplished easily and within practically any budget. read more

Stacey's Decor Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Stacey’s Home Décor is proud to announce they are marking 100 years of providing fine window fashions and interior design services to the Lynn, Massachusetts area. read more

Everett Solar Shades – What You Need to Know

If you are in the market for Everett solar shades then you are about to make a wise decision. This is the ideal solution to block the sun and glare but not the view. Solar shades come in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit with your home's decor while providing privacy and blocking sunlight and more

Save Energy (And Money) With Window Shutters

In the past, windows shutters were used in America to block the hot sun or cold winds. Over the years, however, Boston window shutters evolved into a largely decorative window covering. Take a quick drive through some neighborhoods in the Greater Boston area, and you'll see many homes with "traditional" style window shutters framing their windows. Those shutters are usually fixed to the house, incapable of opening or closing, and used just for aesthetic more

The Pleasing Benefits of Wood Blinds

Anyone that is considering interior design changes via shutters, blinds, or draperies should consider the inherent advantages of wooden blinds. They stand out to the point that a homeowner can alter the feel of an entire room simply by adding wooden blinds. At the same time, they have the versatility and functionality to fit well within any new more extensive redesign scheme. read more

Lynn Roman Shades for the Elegant Lifestyle

Deciding on the perfect window blind design to fit your home? Look no further because Lynn Roman shades are just the blinds that you might be looking for. What do Roman shades exactly look like? These are shades that are generally made from woven fabrics that can be lowered down in a cascading fashion. One can simply adjust the height of the shade according to one’s preference. This kind of shade is quite popular due to its pleasing aesthetics and its easy adjustment... read more

Buying the Best Kind of Boston Plantation Shutters

Boston Plantation shutters, or California shutters as some may call it, is a kind of window shutter that is generally made out of wood and would often differ in the size of its shutter blades. This kind of window shutter generally lasts longer and also makes one’s home cozier. It has been proven to be more weather resistant than any other kind of window shutters.. read more

Woburn Roller Shades Link - Chain Controls

When it's time to cover our windows or complete the decorating process, we generally focus mainly on the colors of products available. But keep in mind, there are many differences in the control systems that are employed on similar roller shades... read more

Why Hire a Boston Shutter Remodeling Contractor

Exterior shutters are top-rated window treatment transformers. When remodeling your home, interior design ideas should be balanced with attention to exterior home improvements. With the installation of custom exterior shutters by a licensed Boston Shutter Remodeling Contractor, a benefit bonanza awaits both your family, and your furnishings. Here are 9 reasons to hire a Boston Shutter Contractor more

Use Shutters to Highlight Your Boston Home’s Appeal

Shutters are a fantastic option whether you’re looking to dress up your home or add some effortless sophistication to your business. Shutters are simply the best possible choice because you have so many options. Follow our tips in this article and you will be sure to find the best possible Boston Shutter Remodeling Contractor that will install the best shutters for your home’s needs... read more

Why Hire a Boston Vinyl Window Remodeling Contractor

Vinyl windows are perhaps the most popular of all types of windows in Boston. There are many reasons why they are chosen by most Boston homeowners. But one of the most endearing traits... read more

Exterior Shutters in Boston

There are various designs for the exterior shutter such as: Bahama or Bermuda shutters which are made in one piece to fit the window and can be propped open at the bottom and custom made shutters made to fit a particular window as opposed to customized shutters that are remade to fit a particular window. These are only a few of the shutters available for the exterior of the house or business. read more

Custom Exterior Shutters in Boston

Using Boston shutters also makes it easier for you to change the look of your house every now and then because of the fact that wood is easy to repaint. Instead of cleaning the shutters, you can simply repaint them and they will look fresh and new. When it comes to shutters you have two options, you can have custom exterior shutters or you can simply buy pre-made ones that can be bought in home stores. read more

Decorating With Draperies in Boston

Drapes and curtains can make a bold statement in every room; at the same time, they can add a subtle elegance that only highlights a picturesque window. However you look at it, decorating with draperies is functional and stylish and there are many options available read more

Boston Window Treatments for Customizing Your Home and Style!

Windows can be beautiful features of just about any room, allowing natural light to enter and offering vistas of the surrounding landscape read more

Boston Roller Shades

Windows need to be adequately dressed to allow keeping the light and wind out, when desired. Windows are dressed using varied styles of valances, shades, and curtains. Shades are devices that are used to intercept the sun and its rays, protect the room from direct light, and avoid disturbance to the inhabitants. They are also effectual in shading the room and preventing the variances of weather affecting the room. They are made of different materials and accordingly are of different more

Roller Shades Are Back in Style in Boston

Boston roller shades are a type of window treatments made with modern fabric. These blinds, sometimes called roller blinds or roll up shades, are known for their affordability and their simple functionality. They are also known for their ability to add color and style to any room of a house and their more

Woven Wood Shades - A Modern Window Treatment in Boston

One of the important materials that are used to construct these shades is bamboo and that's why woven wood shade is also known as bamboo shade. The other materials that are used in making these shades are wood, jutes, reeds and rattan. When these shades are raised the shade materials are gathered in folds. It blocks the sun rays and gives the interior a fresh natural more

Boston Interior Wood Shutters and Woven Wood Shades Add Value to Your Home

When you want a custom look for your home, wood window treatments are just what the decorator ordered. Interior wood shutters, also called plantation shutters, are a unique and sophisticated way to cover your windows. read more

Roman Shades - Types Of Roman Shades in Boston

Roman shades are very popular and they are liked by many people. If you are planning to get roman blinds for your windows then you must get some information about these blinds before buying them as there are different kinds of roman blinds and you can select the type according to your requirement. read more

Why Roman Shades Might Be Right for Your Boston Home

Fabric window drapes soften a room and act as a crucial design element-but they can't always block light effectively and can be frustrating to open and close. Horizontal blinds, on the other hand, present a simple way to control the amount of light in a room and can be adjusted with ease-but they may not provide much decorative impact. read more

Boston Faux Wood Blinds Or Real Wood Blinds?

Sometimes people have a hard time deciding whether they should go with faux or imitation wood blinds, or if real  blinds would be better. There's no hard and fast rule which is best for you, both have their pros and cons and it's really up to you to decide what best suits your more

Why Faux Wood Blinds Are More Stylish Than Vinyl Blinds in Boston?

Interior decorators often rely on stylish materials to transform even the simplest room into rooms fit for a royalty. These decorating elements like simple pieces of furniture and a few conventional appliances would not be complete without stylish faux wood blinds. read more

Real Wood Blinds in Boston

Wood Blinds make a statement in any room. From casual to formal, nothing adds warmth to a room quite like them. They provide excellent light control and privacy. Adjust a few degrees of slant and your entire room can take on a whole new feel. The natural and organic materials create a warm and intimate more

The Benefits of Boston Wood Blinds

hey provide privacy without looking stark. They have an inviting look and add beauty to the rest of the furniture in the room. Interior decorators prefer wood blinds for their warmth, versatility, and durability. They can be custom-crafted to suit the décor of any more

Plantation Shutters in Boston

Shutters have been around a long time. Shutters were one of the only choices for window dressing way before southern plantations made them famous, and modern shutter design can make the plantation look like the stone more

PolyCore Plantation Shutters in Boston

PolyCore made-to-order plantation shutters are gorgeous, extraordinary quality, and fashionable. PolyCore has the graceful characteristic of wood plantation shutters, but the dependability and substance of a more

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