How To Keep Your Draperies Clean and Beautiful

How To Keep Your Draperies Clean and Beautiful

If you've ever walked into a home with beautiful draperies on the windows, you know just how much they can add to any home. Draperies are a solid window covering option for windows of all shapes and sizes because of the many great qualities they have to offer. After all, by investing in custom draperies, you'll also be investing in the following advantages:

  • Variety of stunning designs
  • Long service life
  • Ability to increase property value
  • Blackout curtain options

Of course, you won't be able to enjoy those advantages for very long if you don't give your draperies the kind of care they need to stay in good condition. Many homeowners think they can just hang up their draperies and never touch them again, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Just like anything worth its salt in your home, you have to take care of your draperies so they can keep serving you properly. Keep reading for some drapery care tips from our window shades company to ensure you know how to give yours the care they need to look their best for years to come.

Use Your Vacuum For Routine Dusting

One thing about draperies is that they tend to be magnets for dust, so you need to give yours thorough, routine dusting every now and then to keep them looking good. This will also help you maintain your indoor air quality. To dust your draperies in a quick and non-damaging manner, put a gentle upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and go over them slowly every other week.

Take Them Outside For Fresh Air

Being a fibrous installation, draperies can become infused with all sorts of stale, unpleasant odors over time, especially if you have pets. When your draperies begin to smell unpleasant and, in turn, make your home smell unpleasant, just take them down and hang them outside for a few hours to get some fresh air. You can also shake them out while they hang to knock out deeply embedded dust.

Opt For Dry Cleaning Over Machine Washing

If you look at your drapery’s tags, you may notice they say they're safe to machine wash. However, that simply means the fabric itself is machine washable; it may not consider other, more delicate components of your drapes. To err on the safe side, our window shade and shutter company advises you to always opt to have your draperies dry cleaned by a professional. In any case, this process will restore their look better than machine washing would.

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