Boston Faux Wood Blinds

Today, you can find blinds that are made from a variety of materials. These types of materials are constructed to be durable and long lasting.Faux wood blinds in Boston are a great option for your windows because they are extremely lightweight, strong and weather resistant. This type of blind is a wonderful alternative to the boring vinyl blinds commonly installed in most homes.

Faux wood blinds are made up of a combination of synthetic and natural materials such PVC or vinyl and a small percentage of wood particles. This is why the finished product is non-porous as well as water resistant. They are a great option for rooms that are located in tough and humid environments like the kitchen or bathrooms.

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Why Boston Should Hire Us for Faux Wood Blinds

Our expert window treatment consultants can install Boston shutters, wood blinds, curtains, shades and faux wood blinds. Being a family run business that has served the Boston area since 1915, we have established a reputation of excellent customer satisfaction that rests on our ability to provide top notch services and reliable products.

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