Signs That You Should Replace Your Window Screens

Signs You Should Replace Your Window Screens

Window screens help let fresh air indoors, keep bugs and pests outdoors, and lower cooling costs. If screens are damaged by weather, pets and children, or general aging, a window screen repair from a Massachusetts shutter company is recommended.

The extent to which your window screen is damaged determines if you should have a shutter company repair or replace it. Loose window screens or window screens with small tears or punctures can be repaired, but if the frame is severely damaged or the tears are too large or numerous, a window screen replacement is the better option. Many environmental and structural factors affect the longevity of window screens, including the frame type, corner type, screen mesh type, usage, water damage, and weather. A typical window screen that stays dry, gets cleaned frequently, and resides in the shade can last up to 15 years. After a trusted shutter company installs your window screens, regular maintenance is essential to increase their longevity.

Window Screen Damage to Look Out For

  • Punctures or tears
  • Faded or broken corners
  • Loose or shiny screen mesh
  • Corrosion on the frame

Window Screen Maintenance Tips

  • Keep water and dirt out of the window track.
  • Replace plastic corners if they look faded or broken.
  • Use a spline tool to press a loose spline back into the frame.
  • Replace the screen mesh if it is no longer taught within the frame.
  • Wipe the frames frequently to prevent corrosion.
  • Replace the screen mesh if it becomes shiny.

The condition of your window screens influences the effectiveness of your windows, so well-maintained window screens are important for every home. If you are in need of a window screen repair, contact Stacey's Home Decor, an experienced Massachusetts shutter company.

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