The woven wood shade is an up to date Boston window treatment that is highly used in corporate offices and in homes. One of the important materials that are used to construct these shades is bamboo and that's why woven wood shade is also known as bamboo shade. The other materials that are used in making these shades are wood, jutes, reeds and rattan. When these shades are raised the shade materials are gathered in folds. It blocks the sun rays and gives the interior a fresh natural look.

What is Woven Wood Shade

Boston woven wood shade is a cover or blind that cover the windows to protect against the negative effects of the intense sunlight during day time. It also provides privacy to the people of the house. These shades are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. These Boston shades can be constructed with roll up system, lift system and continuous loop system. These are made up of reeds, grass or bamboo. There are a wide variety of shades with different textures and sizes that are designed according to the decoration of the interior and the need of the customer. These shades are available with different natural treatments like tortoise, bamboo, matchstick etc.

How Woven Wood Shades can be Beneficial

There are various advantages of Woven Wood Shades that insist a person to decorate his office or home with these shades. This is an contemporary treatment that has become very popular in recent times. It safeguards you against the ultraviolet rays of sun and also is to be considered as a trendy style of interior designing. The most useful matter is that you have to buy it for one time and you will get the benefits for years.

o The bright sunlight can be really very harmful for us. Glaring at the sun for long time can harm our eyesight to large extent. Your skin can also be damaged by the sun burn if keep exposed your self in the sunlight for long hours. So it is very important to cover the windows with woven wood shade to get only the required amount of light.

o Inside the house everybody needs privacy. When the windows are covered by these shades it increases the privacy of the people in the house. At the same time it also keeps the interior airy and makes the environment healthy.

o Woven wood shade demands very low maintenance cost. Cleaning these blinds is also a quite easy task.

So if you are thinking on covering your windows with shades it would be a very wise and fruitful decision.

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